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Nanny State Concerts: Let us tell you how to have fun!

Nanny-State Concert Instructions: Follow the rules for State prescribed fun! (Purple Text= Commentary from me)

Well, this summer I had the pleasure of attending the “Castle Hill Summer Concert Series” in Ipswich, Massachusetts (at the very heart of liberalism and nanny state mentality). This is a series of fundraising concerts hosted by the Trustees of Reservations, which is a group that preserve historic and scenic properties for public use.

Although I should have expected this, upon approaching the concert I was literally besieged with ridiculous, nanny state activities. Please note that this concert was  in an open field in front of some crusty old mansion.  Firstly, I was “searched” to be certain I had no alcohol by two rent-a-cops. After being deemed “safe to enter”, I was presented with a pamphlet that carefully explained how I was to enjoy an appropriate level of fun as deemed by the State of Massachusetts, the Town of Ipswich, and the Trustees (see pamphlet above).

Basically, a small area was roped off for dancing.. as presumably no dancing was allowed anywhere else. Adults certainly cannot be allowed to drink alcohol… except where prescribed! The “Beer Garden” was conveniently located 300 yards from the music and all alcohol had to be consumed there… totally out of site of the band and barely within audible range. Again, more rent-a-cops patrolled this area. You could only buy two drinks at a time. So if you had three friends with you… at least two people had to go up and wait in the huge line (what is the purpose of this?). The Trustees website thoughtfully explains they have had some “excessive consumption” in the past. So of course, everyone must now suffer rather than just those that cause the incident (typical Liberal mindset).

The pamphlet further explained that no smoking was allowed (again this is an open air field!) and even candles are prohibited.. certainly adults couldn’t be trusted with a candle in a field…. as green grass is highly flammable.

Ughh… it just makes me sick. What is next? Why don’t you issue me a “People’s Concert Uniform” and make me follow synchronized dance routine as mandated by the “People’s Concert Enforcer” standing on a central podium. Give me a break. Seriously… what has happened to freedom in this country?

At any rate, the band that was playing (“Orange Crush” and 80’s cover band) was actually pretty good! I love those 80’s tunes and this band did them all… great! However, due to the assaults on my intelligence and freedom… I will not be attending any further concerts from this group. However, if you enjoy being treated like an imbecile… and want a totally “G” rated concert experience without the slightest possibility of any normal concert activity… I am sure you will enjoy the Castle Hill Picnic Concert Series!