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Lupini Bean windfall!

There was a rare find at Swampy Acres this month via Craigslist. It seems one of our fellow New Hampshirites had purchased tons of dried Lupini beans for a pittance. The story goes ┬áthat this man’s friend was in the Lupini Bean wholesale business and decided to get out. So, this gentleman bought the whole stock at 4 dollars for each 25 kilogram bag. Now, you might think the average New Hampshire resident can easily use 4,000 pounds of dried beans….. but surprisingly….you would be wrong! Even the typical New Hampshire resident ┬ácan’t possibly use this many…. So Swampy Acres bought the excess. We got just about 2,000 pounds of Lupini beans for $160 dollars! What do we want a ton of Lupini Beans for? Well, they are 40% protein and make excellent goat food.

Lupini Beans!
Lupini Beans now in the basement

Now the first problem is where to store 2,000 pounds of dried beans. First we tried our “shed in a box.” However, we were worried about mice, so we moved the whole mess to the basement.











Now the next problem is how to feed them to the goats. The beans are hard as a rock. So, I ended up soaking them overnight. Here is a tip, Lupini beans expand about 3 or 4 times if you soak them.. so get a big bucket.

Lupini Beans reconstituted

And the verdict is… the goats love them!!!