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Summer 2011 Updates

Well, I have been a bit behind on blog posts. Most of the time we have been busy getting the garden going. This should be the best garden year yet… there will be alot of posts in the coming weeks.

Vegetable Garden 2011

In addition to the garden, we had a ton of separate projects going on that will soon appear on the website. These projects include the following:
1) A new goat pasture.We finally finished clearing about an acre of trees and planted a mixture of orchard and timothy grass, meadow brome, and clovers.

Goat Pasture

2) The electric fence A hundred steel posts, 2 miles of wire and a 2 joule charger and solar panel allowed us to fence in another 3 acres of scrub for the goats.

Electric Goat Fence

3) The tractor 3 point hitch carry-all.With this kit, we can use the John Deere’s 3 point hitch to carry a thousand pounds of firewood and other sundries.

Tractor Carry-All

4) The new goat/chicken watering system.Old man winter finally wiped out my old rain barrels, so I had to replace them with a 150 gallon watering trough and piping system.

Goat/Chicken Waterer