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I am too old to go to Rush concerts

Rush Concert: Sit the F*** Down! I can’t see!

I got invited to go see Rush at the TD Garden in Boston, despite my reservations I did end up going. Here is how I know I am too old to go to concerts anymore:

1) I dont want to stand and listen to Rush for three hours: Why is it people buy seats at this concert and then everyone stands? Who wants to stand for three hours to see a mediocre band like Rush? Sit Down! If everyone stands that just means short people can’t see a damn thing. Also, it isn’t like people are dancing or moshing… most of this crowd was in their 40’s and just stood completely motionless gazing at the jumbotron. Uggh…. I am tired after working all day. I just sat down anyway after and hour and took a nap. Thank God for earplugs.

2) I brought my earplugs: Nobody under 30 brings earplugs to a concert. Thank Jesus I brought mine. Holy Christ…. Rush is making up for lacklaster songs by increasing the volume to earsplitting levels. It was so goddamn loud I could hear it through my feet as the floor vibrated. Also.. I really enjoy the indoor fireworks… nothing like a cannon going off 100 feet from your head to increase the musical enjoyment. Excedrin should have been the official sponsor. One thing nice I can say about the venue is that the event security were not overly aggressive and seemed like a good bunch, which is always a plus.

Rush concert or Florida timeshare conference?? You be the judge.

3) I don’t like Rush fans: Uggh! If I have to hear one more story about how the Rush drummer is the greatest drummer or how Geddy Lee is the greatest lyricist, or how even if you don’t like the music you need to appreciate it or how they have sold the third most amount of singles in 4 of the most populous provinces in Canada… I am going to vomit. I guess you really need to like this band to suffer through points 1 and 2 above… but that doesn’t mean I want to hear about it. I barely like Rush…. and just because they might be technically brilliant.. doesn’t make me like them anymore. What the hell do any of their lyrics mean anyway???

4) Rush played all their new stuff. There is nothing worse than seeing a mediocre band and they play all the garbage off their new album and none of the songs you even remotely know. Actually, you know what is worse.. all their fans thinking the same thing, but then proclaiming the new stuff is actually better to keep up appearances. Admit it folks… you don’t like this new crap either.

5) Geddy Lee is looking more and more like Susan B. Anthony everyday. I couldn’t stop thinking about that.

Geddy Lee
Susan B. Anthony
Geddy Bee Anthony






So with my apologies to all the Rush fans out there (especially the one that bought me the ticket)………that is why I am too old to go to Rush concerts.