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Welcome to the Swampy Acres Farm official blog. Topics we will be covering include all the happenings on the farm, as well as any goofy projects I happen to be doing, mixed in with a few of my crazy Libertarian political ideas, and some of the super exciting happenings in Hampstead, New Hampshire.

Well, I come full circle here. First a couple years back after I realized the web would be incomplete without my presence, I started with Google “Blogger”… but then I abandoned that because I wasn’t crazy about Google deciding my content and server space, etc.. So, I switched to my own static website (www.swampyacresfarm.com), but I think it is tough to get “blog” interaction and ease of update into a website format. So, back to the blog. Now, I think I have the best of both worlds. I am hosting my own WordPress software on my own server and domain (so I can do whatever I want) but I still have the “fun” of a blog. Don’t worry, the official website isn’t going anywhere. In fact that will still be the main effort… but the blog will be used for updates and for my crazy rants that don’t fit in with my farm theme.

So, feel free to visit and get the latest updates!

3 thoughts on “About this Blog”

  1. I left another email concerning my goats on your website and then saw you had moved to a blog so came here. Hope you get both as I noticed something that caused me to send this one with the recent website of my husband’s you might get a kick out of.

    http://www.conservativeascension.org is the link. I hope you can find the time to think about my other email.

  2. I enjoy your site very much and find your articles very entertaining. The next time you head down to Chincoteague, I hope you can bring down some of your great looking produce. Thank you for the New Hampshire wines….very much appreciated and will be treasured on a future special occasion.

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