Nanny Bloomberg’s Partisan Attacks against Kelly Ayotte: Don’t believe the hype.

"I stand by my Vote" -NH Senator Ayotte
“I stand by my Vote” -NH Senator Ayotte

The anti-second amendment group “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” headed by Nanny Bloomberg, the multi-billionaire Mayor of New York, has a bone to pick with NH’s own Senator Ayotte. It would appear that they are extremely upset with her  “no” vote on the recent, and completely ineffectual. “universal gun background check” bill. Bloomberg’s group           released a new TV attack ad Monday aimed at Ayotte. Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns has vowed to  hold events in targeted states “every time senators are home on vacation” in an effort to put pressure on Senators that don’t vote their way.

Well, this really boils my clams. I was already fed up with Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-freedom antics in New York. However, now the same man that declared (and I quote) “I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom” is fresh off his failed attempt to control New Yorker’s soda intake and is now trying to tell New Hampshire what is good for it. This is the man that thought limited soda sales to a 16 oz. maximum size, but still allowing someone to purchase a 64 oz milkshake (for example), would actually help curb obesity rates. He is now applying his same failing logic to gun control.

Well, sure universal background checks, sound like a good idea, but let’s look at some facts  as explained to me by Senator Ayotte via email today:

It’s clear that criminals who attempt to illegally purchase firearms aren’t being prosecuted as they should be – and have not been for years. For example, in 2010, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms screened 76,142 National Instant Criminal Background Check System denials. Of those, charges were brought in only 44 cases – and resulted in just 13 successful prosecutions. This sends the message to criminals that there won’t be any consequences when they try to get their hands on guns.

Some of my colleagues want to expand the broken background check system we have now. In my view, we shouldn’t be expanding a flawed system. The focus should be on fixing the existing system, which criminals are flouting. We need to make sure we are enforcing current law and prosecuting those who attempt to illegally obtain firearms. And we must ensure that NICS includes records currently not being entered in the system, including mental health adjudications where an individual is found to be a danger to themselves and others.

There are no easy answers. Even if the proposed expansion of background checks had been in place, it wouldn’t have prevented the Sandy Hook tragedy – where the perpetrator obtained the firearms he used by killing his own mother, who owned them lawfully.

This is a position I can agree with. Why should we expand the existing system, which is clearly broken ,and would do nothing to prevent the kind of tragedies we have seen in Sandy Hook? I humbly call on all New Hampshirites to support Senator Ayotte and tell Nanny Bloomberg to mind his business.

Nanny Bloomberg explains why he knows better than you how much soda you need. Actually he knows better than you on alot of things!
Nanny Bloomberg explains why he knows better than you how much soda you should have. Actually, he knows better than you on many topics.. including how much freedom you need.

Since the murder rate of New York is more than triple that of New Hampshire (4.0 per 100,000 citizens as opposed to 1.3, per 100,000 citizens), I personally would ask Mayor Bloomberg to fix his own violent crime issue before telling New Hampshire what it needs to do.

PS. I know how much soda I need to drink too!

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