Mysterious Balloon Landing at the Farm

Unauthorized Balloon Landing in the Swamp
Unauthorized Balloon Landing in the Swamp

The other morning I am minding my own business… and all of a sudden I hear a “whoosh” “whoosh” sound outside. It sounded distinctly like a hot air balloon flying over the farm (something we are used to), but much, much louder.This was quite disruptive to the farm at 6am……The goats were freaking out, and the dog was barking… pandemonium.   After a quick investigation.. sure enough there was a hot air balloon out there, but this one actually touched down in the swamp! I was just about ready to put on my hip boots and wander out there… when suddenly they took off again. Why would a hot air balloon land in the swamp?? I don’t know. At first I thought they were stuck on a tree or something, but apparently not.

At any rate, a quick Google search on “Hot Air Balloon Rides in NH” brought me to the website of a company called “High 5 Ballooning”. There are literally dozens and dozens of pictures of this exact balloon on their website (even the basket is an exact match). So, I wrote to the owners and asked why they landed… and got the following reply:


I’m sorry but I think you have us confused with another company. We landed at the Pope Road Village condo complex this morning. You might want to try A&a Ballooning or Infinity and Beyond Ballooning. They were the other two companies flying this morning.

Thank You

High 5 Ballooning

Again, this seems very odd, and further inquires to High 5 Ballooning were not answered. Who owns this strange balloon and why is it landing in the swamp? I understand it is customary for balloon owners to give a bottle of champagne to the owner of the spot where they land (I think it is hard to really land at a pre-designated spot… so they often touch down in fields, etc.). So perhaps someone is trying to cheat me out of my bubbly. If anyone knows who owns this balloon.. I would appreciate an email. Until then… I am watching…..

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