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More Good Use of Your Tax Money: Massachusetts Sheepishly Admits the Boston Bombers were on Welfare… then Seals the Records.

Governor Patrick's Administration seals Welfare Records of the Terrorists.
Governor Patrick’s Administration seals Welfare Records of the Terrorists.

The Boston Herald broke this shocking story recently that was completely ignored by the liberal-leaning Boston Globe.

During the Herald’s investigation, state agencies “flatly refused” to provide detailed  information regarding the taxpayer-funded lifestyle of the Tsarnaev brothers (aka the Boston Bombers). However the state welfare department did let it be known that the Tamerlan Tsarnaev along with his wife and family did receive benefits that ended in 2012. For all we know, he purchased the pressure cookers with his EBT card. Did he use his “Obama-phone” to detonate the explosion? It appears that Governor Patrick doesn’t want you to find out.

This is just another scandal in the ridiculously corrupt Massachusetts benefits system. I don’t understand why the people of Massachusetts continue to tolerate the rampant abuse and corruption in the state/federal benefits programs. Other issues that have surfaced as of late:

  • During a mass mailing (about 500,000 letters) to all Massachusetts welfare recipients explaining how they could register to vote (another long, ridiculous scandal) , 19,000 of the recipients could not even be located. However, I bet the checks were still being cashed!
  • Governor Patrick has vet the state legislature’s attempt to ban the use of EBT cards to purchase  tattoos, porn, jewelry, and bail. Now to be fair, his argument was it would be very difficult to enforce bans on specific purchases. Agreed. However, the little known secret of EBT cards is that you can withdraw a portion of benefits in cash. Ostensibly, this is used for things like cab fare to job interviews (snicker), but in reality it is used for all the aforementioned ridiculousness.
  • Market Basket (a local area Supermarket chain) employees report that EBT wielding customers are irate that they cannot buy cooked lobsters (as EBT benefits can’t be used for prepared foods) and instead must settle for uncooked lobsters.
  • Reports of folks with huge ($7,000 ) balances on EBT cards that carry over indefinitely. If you need assistance…. why is it piling up into the thousands of dollars?

Governor Patrick continues to downplay these issues by crying: “I’m not going to do anything that makes vulnerable people beg for their benefits. This notion of humiliating poor people has got to be separated from how we make a program, and frankly separated and disposed of, from how we make a program work and work well.” 

I fail to see how preventing my tax money from being used in casinos or to purchase firearms constitutes “making people beg.” Apparently the majority of Massachusetts residents agree with the Governor as they continue to re-elect him. Maybe now they will think twice since their tax money may now actually be funding terrorists.


Take a lesson from Zimbabwe, You Can’t Print Your Way Out of an Economic Jam

Starving Billionaire in Zimbabwe
Starving Billionaire in Zimbabwe

Here is a great little story about how a government can completely ruin an economy and wipe out the savings of the entire population. It doesn’t get a lot of press around here (probably because our government is doing quite similar things, and most Americans have never heard of Zimbabwe).

Back in 1980, Zimbabwe gained independence from the UK. At that time, the Zimbabwe dollar was worth about the same as the British Pound. However, the new corrupt government started an ever spiraling inflationary meltdown. Almost immediately, the government started printing money to finance a war with the Congo and their economy took a down-turn through general government mismanagement (sound familiar?). The inflation rate started creeping up and up. In 1981 it was 7%, In 1982 it was 14%.. by 1999 it was 56%. Then a series of completely ridiculous land reforms in 2000 caused a virtual collapse of the entire agricultural sector of Zimbabwe. In order to make ends meet.. they just ran the printing presses. Inflation eventually hit 231,000,000%. That is correct, 231 million percent! The money was devaluing by the hour. This caused quite a few interesting situations with the populace like for instance:

The introduction of the 500,000 Dollar Bill
The introduction of the 500,000 Dollar Bill
The Introduction of the 750,000 Dollar Bill
The Introduction of the 750,000 Dollar Bill
The Introduction of the 10 Million Dollar Bill (at the time, worth 10 U.S. Dollars)
The Introduction of the 10 Million Dollar Bill (at the time, worth 10 U.S. Dollars)
The introduction of the 50 Million Dollar Bill
The introduction of the 50 Million Dollar Bill
The introduction of the 500 million Dollar Bill
The introduction of the 500 million dollar bill
By 2008, the 100 billion billion dollar bill would buy you exactly three fresh eggs
By 2008, the 100 billion billion dollar bill would buy you exactly three fresh eggs
This is what a trip to the grocery store looked like, if you happen to have "small bills"
This is what a trip to the grocery store looked like, if you happen to have “small bills”
The introduction of the 100 Trillion Dollar Bill
The introduction of the 100 Trillion Dollar Bill!

Before the Zimbabwe government could start printing “Quadrillion Dollar Bills” they officially threw in the towel and declared that Zimbabwe had no currency. This made no difference at all, as most of the population had already switched to the U.S. Dollar, the Euro, the South African Rand, or simply went to a barter system. The 100 Trillion Dollar Bill actually became a sought after curiosity to foreign tourists! Although this might appear to be somewhat humorous to those in the U.S., we should think about this carefully. How quickly did the savings of the average Zimbabwean disappear during this fiasco? Inflation of this type could wipe out a lifetime of savings in hours.. literally.  How did people cope with prices of goods changing drastically, multiple times per day for months on end? Could this happen here? I am no economist, but I understand the way we print money in the U.S. is different than Zimbabwe. Of course we have controls and this will never happen here… right? I mean, all the other things the government tells us are true, like for instance Social Security is secure and the benefits will be there when we need them, and spending trillions of dollars of stimulus will fix the economy, etc. All I am saying is, don’t think the U.S. is immune to spending problems. Although the U.S. economy dwarfs Zimbabwe (the GDP of New Hampshire alone is 6 times that of the entire country of Zimbabwe!) know that our spending also dwarfs Zimbabwe in similar fashion… Think about how much longer we can go on like we are…..

The Great 2013 Ammunition Shortage Hits New Hampshire

Empty Shelves at Stateline Guns Ammo & Archery in Plaistow, NH. Virtually every gun store in NH is similarly "sold out" of many types of ammo.
Empty Shelves at Stateline Guns Ammo & Archery in Plaistow, NH. Virtually every gun store in NH is similarly “sold out” of many types of ammo.

The latest rantings of Obama and his followers regarding restricting gun ownership has caused a complete panic across the entire United States. Millions of law abiding gun owners are hoarding virtually any type of ammunition they can find. This has caused a complete and comprehensive nationwide shortage. Ammunition manufacturers are working ’round the clock but they simply cannot keep up with demand.

It is estimated that U.S. gun and ammunition manufacturers have already produced more of both of these items in the first two months of 2013 than in the entire year of 2012. Of course, this is a story the liberal media doesn’t want you to hear about. They continue to want to label and marginalize law-abiding gun owners as a small minority of citizens among the vast majority that think the 2nd Amendment should be ignored. However, skyrocketing NRA membership and these huge increases in gun and ammo sales seem to tell a different tale.

This morning, we canvassed most of southern NH. We shopped Walmart in Epping NH, Stateline Guns Ammo and Archery in Plaistow, NH, Shooters Outpost and Riley’s Gun Shop (both in Hooksett NH). All of these stores were completely out of 9mm of all types! All of them were also out of .22LR except for  Riley’s. They only had a few boxes of massively overpriced .22LR ($16.95 for about 25 rounds). 12 gauge slugs and buckshot were also extremely limited. Most of these stores limited purchases to 3 or 4 boxes per person per day.

Strange how this story isn’t in the news. When Hostess’ bankruptcy threatened the supply of Twinkies, that was on every channel, yet a nationwide shortage of ammunition doesn’t even get a casual mention. Manufacturers seem to be saying this shortage will last at least until the summer. Until then, you are on your own.

Department of Homeland Security- Purchases that make you go… “Hmmm”

Your tax dollars at work. DHS purchases 2,717 of these Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP), machine gun ready, 14-ton monsters, to use against... uhhhh "Protect" U.S. Citizens.
Your tax dollars at work. DHS purchases 2,717 of these Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP), machine gun ready, 14-ton monsters, to use against… uhhhh “protect” U.S. Citizens.

The internet is awash with this latest story…. It would appear the Department of Homeland Security just purchased 2,717 mine-resistant, armored trucks (complete with machine gun ports) for use WITHIN the United States. Just to be extra clear.. these are not going to be shipped to Iraq or Afghanistan… nope. These will be used right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. So, I guess it is anticipated that the machine guns ports will be used to point automatic weapons (which YOU shouldn’t have, of course) at American citizens.

Now I have a few questions about this:

1) Why is President Obama threatening that the recent sequestration budget cuts will force the TSA to cut back on airport staff (and thus longer lines for you). Yet the Department of Homeland Security (the parent of the TSA) has enough cash to buy these things at $430,000-$900,000 each (depending on features). Even if they bought the base “no frills” models… we are talking about $1, 168, 310,000. Yet the first place we want to cut the budget is on the 12 dollar and hour TSA clerks at the airport?

2) Can anyone please tell me why we need almost three thousand armored tanks designed to resist mine explosions, rocket-propelled grenades, and other ambushes INSIDE the U.S.?  I could imagine we might want a few armored cars or something like this if we do get in a crisis situation… but how many IEDs are we expecting along route 95?

3) Why are none of the major news networks carrying this story? I bet if George Bush bought this crap… we would be hearing about it.

Perhaps there is a good explanation for all this, but I have yet to hear a definitive answer. Although I have read a few sources that state these are actually for the Marine Corps and not the DHS. I am really not sure who I believe at this point. One thing is clear, I haven’t heard enough people really asking questions about it.  I will leave you with a historical picture of another “Department of Homeland Security” patrolling their country with armored cars.

SS Armored Car in Germany circa 1944. "SS" stands for "Schutzstaffel" or "Defense Corps" as clearly the only purpose of this organization was protection of the people
SS Armored Car in German circa 1944. “SS” stands for “Schutzstaffel” or “Defense Corps” as clearly the only purpose of this organization was protection of the people.

Helpful Advice from Concord Hospital

Sometimes I lock my car and leave the keys in the parking lot... Now I won't!
Sometimes I lock my car and leave the keys in the parking lot… Now I won’t!

During a recent visit to Concord Hospital I noticed a somewhat ridiculous sign in the parking lot… which got me on yet another rant. Okay let’s really understand these instructions “Lock your car and take your keys”. I guess this leaves me with the following questions:

1) How many people that forget to lock their car, also remember to read signs 12 feet up in the air on a light post? And no this isn’t a giant parking lot where you need to remember where your car is.
2) How many people that do remember to lock their car, subsequently forget to take the keys? Seriously? When was the last time you locked your car and left the keys on the hood?

This is just all part of the dumbing-down of America. We routinely can’t deal with life and need very basic instructions on even the simplest task. Which is why nobody takes notice or complains when they see a stupid sign like this. Here are some more useful signs for you, maybe some of these are from Concord Hospital:

Obvious Sign

Obvious Sign (5)

Obvious Sign (4)

Obvious Sign (3)

Obvious Sign (2)

1,000,000th America on the Terror Watchlist!

According to the ACLU there are over 1,000,000 people on the FBI Terror Watchlist. Who knew that 1 in 300 Americans was a potential terrorist? That means, there should be about 27 terrorists right here in Hampstead New Hampshire (population 8,297)! I need to keep my eye out for these people! I think I saw Osama Bin Laden’s cousin at East Coast Lumber the other day and I suspect there may be a terror cell operating out of Cosmo’s Pizza. Who knew there were so many terrorists?

In reality, a list of a million “terror suspects” obviously does nothing to focus on the real problems, but instead wastes money investigating ridiculousness. Much more troubling is the fact that this “list” offers no due process. Anyone at anytime can be placed on this list, and there is nothing you can do about. Why is it that we Americans tolerate this from our government? What really bothers me is the lists we don’t know about…. How long before you are on the list? And what comes next?

As you ponder these questions, I leave you with a helpful government handout that can give you tips in spotting the terrorists in your own neighborhood. According to the FBI, there are alot more than you think!

Spot Terrorists in your own neighborhood!

Your NH tax dollars at work! EBT dollars used for cigarettes

A few weeks ago, Jackie Whiton, a Peterborough NH convenience store clerk was unceremoniously fired for refusing to sell cigarettes to an EBT card wielding customer. It would appear the 65 year old clerk wasn’t quite aware of all the policies and procedures around EBT cards (they can legally be used to buy beer and cigarettes). At any rate, she looked at the 20-something, apparently able-bodied gentleman trying to get his cancer sticks with tax dollars and told him instead to “get a J-O-B.”

Local Hero Jackie Whiton says “Get a J-O-B!” No smokes on the my dime!

It would appear this man’s step-mother complained and Jackie was fired from her job of many years. A spokesman for the “Big Apple” convenience store chain was quoted as saying “Company policy is to follow rules and regulations, and the sale of cigarettes to EBT card-holders is legal. She didn’t wish to follow company policy, so she was let go after four years.”

Although I say Jackie was morally in the right, she was technically in the wrong.  I do have to agree with the management of the store. Jackie refused to follow the rules and was fired. Not much can be argued about that. 

However, I do take issue with the NH Welfare Department (more formerly known as TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and the Governor of New Hampshire, Stephen Lynch. When questioned on this, and official with the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the TANF program, said recipients are allowed to use the EBT cash cards as they see fit.

“We’re not real happy about it,” a department spokesman said yesterday. But the only place the card is prohibited is in casinos, liquor stores and “venues of adult entertainment.”

“That’s pretty much the law of the land; it’s not just New Hampshire,” director Terry Smith is quoted as saying.

Also, don’t be fooled by even these half-assed restrictions. There is nothing stopping free loaders from going to an ATM machine, taking out there EBT benefits as cash and spending it as they see fit, Including beer, wine, liquor, tattoos… you name it.

I wrote to the Governor Lynch on this matter (using his handy submission form on his website)…. and you can read the the response I received here:

Click on Thumbnail






Well, I don’ t know about you, but after reading that I feel much better! I will follow up with the Governor in a few months to see what the results from this “review”. My feelings are this will result in bupkis, but we will give the Governor the benefit of the doubt for now.

At any rate people, this is your government at work here. This is just reflective of the whole rotten mess in general. To quote Thomas Jefferson “You get the government you deserve,” so I would ask you to remember this on election day. Now get back to work! New Hampshire lay-abouts need their cigarettes!

TSA Propaganda Now Targets Your Kids

While at the airport last month, I was a little suprised to see a new TSA cartoon sign aimed at children. No sense in targeting all TSA propaganda at adults… might as well start convincing the kids that unconstitutional and intrusive searches are perfectly acceptable… at least according to Officer Smith.

TSA Propaganda for Your Kids

I have been made aware of a the future of this particular propaganda campaign with Officer Smith….. These might be coming to an airport near you soon.

Time to wake up people! Or we are going to get stripped searched just going to the mall!

Halloween Hell at the Rockingham Mall in Salem NH

Halloween at the Rockingham Mall in Salem NH

This year’s Halloween was quite an experience. However, let me start off with a little history/explanation of Halloween for my worldwide readers not familiar with the holiday. Halloween (originally All Hallow’s Eve) was a festival honoring the dead with Druid and Celtic origins. Halloween has changed and morphed quite a bit over the years with many different influences. The contemporary celebration of Halloween entails children dressing up in a costume and going door to door in the neighborhood begging for candy while shouting “Trick or Treat”. The term “Trick or Treat” goes back a few centuries… but basically in the olden days if you didn’t hand out any candy… you should expect the little brats to pull a trick on you… like soaping your windows or hiding your covered wagon.

The holiday has come under fire lately for a bunch of reasons. Firstly, Christian churches hate this holiday, as the only brand of magic and mythology they will endorse is their own. It is okay to come back from the dead if you are Jesus… but not just a regular guy coming back as a zombie… this is a sin. Secondly, our Nanny state doesn’t fancy the idea of people turning off the TV to wander the neighborhood to get candy from the neighbors. This just sounds too dangerous. We should be too terrified of poisoned Zagnuts to even leave the house. This year a group of do-gooders is even out saying Halloween costumes are racist. I guess dressing up like a Geisha is an insult to Japanese people. I will say even Halloween participants have been participating in the general decline of the Holiday….. Nowadays, the kids are usually too lazy to pull a trick on you… and just want the candy. Many of these kids don’t even dress up in costumes. I think I also see a few overweight parents out there with a sack full of Snickers and Milky Ways claiming to be getting candy for a sick child or something. Don’t lie to me…. you are 42 and need to hit your neighbors up for candy? Give me a break. I think in another couple decades Halloween will be defunct. But for now… it is still going… kinda.

Back when I was a kid, you would dress up and head out to the neighborhood as soon as it got dark. Nowadays, the towns have set hours and will tell you when Halloween is. This year I heard the Hampstead Police Dept. cancelled Halloween due to the unseasonal snowstorm (yes, snow in October). In the back of my mind….I am not sure exactly if the Hampstead Police department can legally tell me I am not allowed to have my neighbors visit my house and give out candy… but in fairness, I am sure if some unsupervised kid gets run over or falls off a porch the Police Department will get sued. Such is life in the Nanny state….
At any rate, due to the official cancelling of Halloween we decided to head over the Rockingham Mall in nearby Salem NH. The premise is that stores will be handing out candy to kids in a safe and family-friendly manner. This is a much more controlled environment for the children and acceptable to big brother, as while you are there you can continue to bombarded with consumerism.

We got there promptly at 5pm and started heading out store to store. Many stores had an orange sign placed indicating that they were participating in the Halloween give out. About a third of the stores handed out the goodies. Some of them did a real nice job with staff members dressed up in costumes. Some of them handed out coupons or fliers in addition to the candy… I guess this is at least creative marketing and I can’t fault them for that. The other two thirds… had no sign.. hoping you would get the hint to move along quietly and not bother them. These stores only want your money… not your grubby kids whining for treats.

My favorite was the stores that put a sign out indicating they had no candy… to make absolutely certain you wouldn’t bother them. I guess giving out a lollipop once a year is just too much trouble. Lane Bryant put a nice sign out saying “No candy… but be safe”. You would figure a store that sells plus-size clothes would want to encourage the over consumption of candy!!! I guess not, go figure. “The Kitchen Place” was thoughtful enough to put a sign out in English and Spanish indicating you are not to get your Halloween treat here. I guess they were anticipating an influx of Spanish speaking folks from nearby Lawrence or Methuen. So not only can I not get my Halloween treat… I can’t even have my Halloween in English.

Eventually, we wandered up to Santa’s village… That’s right Santa’s workshop is already up and running at the Rockingham mall. Since when do we start Christmas in October? I tried to get a picture of a Dracula kid sitting on Santa’s lap, but the thought of this strange “Christoween” holiday sickened me to the point I couldn’t aim my camera. Anything for a buck….

By six PM the mall was packed to the breaking point. We couldn’t even walk!! There was utter pandemonium as pieces of costumes were breaking off (particularly the butterfly and fairy wings) and the lines grew longer and longer for candy. Most of the kids in the rubber masks gave up at this point and discarded them (ever wear a latex mask for an hour of vigorous activity???). The situation worsened as a few parents were pushing their kids to the front and cutting the lines. This was obviously causing all kinds of angst among those patiently waiting. Most parents stood by quietly and merely scowled at the line jumpers.. However, at least one father screamed at some 40 year old lady jumping the line “All you are doing is teaching your kids to push and shove to be first” a few applauds came out of the line… but the perpetrator just smiled and shrugged her shoulders (not sure she understood English). This whole scenario was then repeated at the next store. It was all very strange.

At this point, we decided to bail out of the Rockingham mall. We grew tired of waiting 10 minutes for a 3 cent piece of dubble-bubble and we wisely left the ranting parents and screaming children behind. Also, I couldn’t look at one more Spiderman costume (I think I counted 43) or princess (over a hundred). Thus ended Halloween 2011. This holiday has really gone downhill.

New rules for Children: Don’t let anyone touch your private areas…. unless its the Government

Well, here we have yet another ridiculous violation of our constitutional rights. Parents in Kentucky videotaped the groping of their six-year old by the TSA during a recent airline flight.

Now, this kind of thing can be expected from the same government that brought us the Patriot Act and considers spending millions attacking Libya is of vital public interest… but I don’t understand how the average citizen sits still for this. How can anyone say groping children is vital to our safety? It is complete bunk, but the average citizen is so eager to drink the TSA Kool-aid that they won’t gripe about it. We are so afraid of terrorists that we are willing to give up our constitutional rights whenever the government tells us we should.

Just remember folks…. first the the TSA told us the “naked body scanners” simply couldn’t save your naked images… until an it was revealed that U.S. Marshalls in Florida using the exact same airport scanner in a courthouse setting, illegally saved  35,000 naked photographs. Next the TSA told us that the radiation concerns of these scanners were neglible.. However, earlier this year the TSA admitted that radiation levels were 10 times higher than they originally indicated because they bungled the tests.. I wonder what will be the next surprises from the TSA? I would also like to point out that the vast majority of folks believe that these TSA procedures only affect airlines. However, the TSA is now starting to target TRAIN passengers as well.  (see the actual TSA blog below)

So now they can search you (without a warrant) when you happen to use a train as well.  I wonder how long before they start searching you on the highway.. or in your own living room? All without a warrant and completely unconstitutional…. Beware Americans. Haven’t we had enough yet?