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Politics 2016

Hi Folks,

I have been combing the internet for months to get the best pictures and memes relating to the Presidential race and overall state of affairs. I have consolidated all these great images to ponder into one gallery for your viewing pleasure. TRIGGER WARNING FOR LIBERALS: As free speech has not yet been fully sanitized for your protection, there may be some controversial pictures in here.

Trump to the Rescue

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Random Pictures to Ponder

Here is some random stuff I downloaded off the internet and haven’t found a use for yet… I had grand ambitions of sneaking these into a post here and there. But you know how it goes…. too many thoughts not enough time to put pen to paper to make it all happen. So I decided to lump them all together into one giant post. My loss is your gain… enjoy!Trees Give of WiFi Signals

P.S. Make sure and download the “Full Size” for some of the larger pics.. really fascinating stuff here!

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